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Saturday, February 27, 2010

3.98 per cent hike in defence outlay :Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS Retd.

3.98 per cent hike in defence outlay.
The Union budget increased the outlay for the defencesector
by 3.98 per cent with a total allocation of Rs. 1,47,344 crore as
against the previous allocation of Rs. 1,41, 703 crore.However,
the outlay represents a 8.13 per cent growth over the revised
estimates of Rs.1,36,264crore for the current fiscal.Of the
total outlay for 2010-11, an allocation of Rs.87,344 crore has
been made for revenue expenditure, a growth of 0.54 per cent
over the revenue allocation in the budget estimates of the
current financial year.“Secure borders and security of life and
property fosters development…needless to say, any additional
requirement for the security of the nation will be provided for,”
Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said in his budget speech.
The budget estimates for 2009-10 included the allocation for
defraying expenditure on payment of 60 per cent arrears of pay
and allowances, which had been increased on the basis of the
recommendations of the 6thPay Commission.
Of the three services, the manpower-intensive Army gets the
major share of the allocation at Rs.58,995.19 crore, the Navy
Rs.9,455.03 crore and the Indian Air Force Rs.15,803.65 crore.
Significantly, the government earmarked Rs.60,000 crore for
capital expenditure againstthe previous allocation of Rs.54,824
crore, of which Rs.7,000 crore was returned unspent.The capital
expenditure which includes funds spent for modernisation
represents a growth of 9.44 per cent over 2009-10 budget
allocation.An increased allocation of nearly 25 per cent from
revised estimates includes the big ticket deals in the pipeline.
These include the IAF’s 126 Medium Multi Role Combat Aircraft,
medium-lift helicopters, basic jet trainers, armed choppers, the
Navy’s aircraft carrier and other naval fleet acquisition
programme and the Army’s quest to procure the ultra light
howitzers.Of the major heads that could not be spent include
Rs.1,782 crore for construction, Rs. 1,969 crore for aircraft and
aero-engines and Rs.34,00 crore for other equipment.In line
with the government policy, the allocationfor the Defence
Research Development Organisation witnessed an increase of
Rs.881 crore from the revisedestimate of Rs.5,260.42 crore.

Dear Veterans,Given above is the detailed outlay for Defence
in the union budget 2010-2011 which shows a very normal
increase in the allotment which counts for modernisation of
defence equipments and rising prices of these requied items
only. No extra allocation seems to be made for giving any
additional benefit in pension to veterans.Whatever Govt.
proposes to give the veterans (JCOs and below ) is to be
met from the funds allocated for this purpose during the
last budge i.e. 2009-2010.And if the govt. skips issuing the
orders for Modified Parity in Pension for the veterans
(JCOs and below),allocated funds will lapse which the
Govt.should not (R) not resort to.
Veterans should patiently wait for the orders which are
likely to be issued any moment as per the statement of
Minister of State for Defence,Sh. Palam Raju. At the same
time ,we should be very clear that nothing like ONE RANK
ONE PENSION (as being promised to be achieved by certain
big brothers only to garner funds from the veterans ) is on
the anvil in Govt's planning.As such, Ex Soldiers, Sailors
and Airmen Association warns theveterans (JCOs and
below ) not to be caught in their net and stay away from

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