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Friday, February 19, 2010


Dear veterans,
Regards. Ex Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen Association (ESSAA),
is not an Association which has been formed under ordinary
circumstances. It has come up as a result of gross injustice
done to veterans of the rank of Sub. Maj. and below by 6th
Central Pay Commission and at the same time, most un-caring
attitude exhibited by the serving Chiefs as well as retired
Senior officers still holding their sway in the bureaucratic
set up of the govt. towards those who serve or served under
1. Where as the Pay commission has dumped the soldiers,

up to the rank of Hav. and below, in Pay Band PB-1(along with
Class IV) and JCOs in Pay Band PB-II (along with certain
Class III employees of Centre Govt.) without paying slightest
attention to the fact that Hav. and Nk. are Senior and Junior
Non-Commissioned Officers and JCOs. are Junior
Commissioned Officers, no serving Chief as well as Senior
Retd. Officer came to their rescue when certain organizations
of veterans in Punjab raised the demand of placing soldiers of t
he rank of Hav. in Pay Band PB-II and Sub. Maj. in Pay Band
PB-III as if Pay Band PB-III is reserved for Commissioned
Officers only. At the same time when the demand of placing
Lt. Col. in Pay Band PB-IV surfaced, serving Chiefs as well
as the Senior Retd. Officers rallied around this demand and
supported it till the same was agreed to by the Govt.
2. ESSAA was born out of the frustration caused among the

veterans as a result of this discriminatory attitude of the
officers, both serving as well as retired, towards them.
3. An Appeal and a Request.
a. As per rules, money received by way of Life Membership

Fees, will be invested as ‘Fixed Deposit’ in the Bank. Only the
Annual Membership Fee and interest that will accrue on this
‘Fixed Deposit’ will be utilized for funding various expenditure
& activities of ESSAA, viz. organizing Meetings of members,
Press Conferences and veteran’s Rallies etc. Since the amount
that accrues as interest will be very less and will not suffice to
fund ESSAA activities, this appeal is being made to veterans to
join ESSAA in large no. and donate as much as your pocket
allows for this good cause. Though a few of our Veterans have
been very kind & gracious enough to to donate money to ESSAA
for its activitie, not much is available in our kitty to carry on
our work. Smoothly.
b. Money is always required to fund every movement & ESSAA

is no exception.. Money to sustain ESSAA will have to come from
Veterans (Hony. Offrs and below) themselves. Senior veterans
will spend the money and energy to hamper your efforts as one
Maj. has gone to Court with a plea that he gets less pension than
a Sub. Maj. is drawing more pension than him in his neighborhood.
c The ESSAA is committed to fight for the rights of Veterans

(HONY. OFFRs and below).Our foremost demand is that Govt.
should grant enough pension to enable us to live honorably and
grant the Modified Parity in Pension at the earliest and
subsequently change the Pay Band for Hav.and Sub. Major.
d. Our next demand is grant of two pensions to the widow whose

husband drew two pensions during his life time.
e. We further demand guaranteed employment up to the age 60

years like civilian employees.
To fight for such demands of veterans (Hony. Offrs. and below,

this organization has been formed under the able guidance of
one of the most experienced and able veteran, S. Prabhjot Singh
Chhatwal PLS Retd. which has now spread to whole of India
and many state units have come up. As such, we appeal to you
all to join the organization in large number to achieve your aim
Vet. B.S. Sohi Vet. S.C.Sharma Vet. Malkit Singh

Vice President Gen. Secy Asst Secy.
Vet. M.S.Anand
Finance Secy.

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