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Monday, February 15, 2010

Regarding issuance of notification for modified Parity in Pension:Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS Retd.

Dear Veterans,
Regards. Find below the letter faxed today to the authorities
by this organisation.
Tel-fax 0175-5000896.
Dear veterans Mob. 098554-09128

Ex Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen
Association (Regd.)

3-Guru Ram Dass Nagar, Tripuri Road,
Patiala-147 004.,Punjab, India.

ESSAA/3/2010 Dt. 15 February,2010

Director (Pension/Policy),
Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare,
Ministry of Defence,
213-AWing,Sena Bhawan,
New Delhi.

Sub. Immediate issuance of notification regarding Modified
Parity in Pension for Pre-2006 JCOs. and below.

Dear Sir,
It is in reference to the announcement made by you as well as by Lt. Gen V.K. Chaturvedi, Director General (MP&PS),General Branch, Army Hq. New Delhi regarding the grant of Modified Parity in Pension by the Govt. of India in lieu OROP being asked by some organizations.
It is not out of place to mention that Her Excellency, the President of India, Hon,ble Prime Minister of India, and Finance Minister of India were, at some stage, misinformed about the term ‘OROP’ and the announcement regarding the grant ‘OROP’ to Personnel Below the Officer Rank (PBOR) was, erroneously, made by each of them which created a lot of hue and cry among the Commissioned Officers. Finally Defence Minister had to announce in the Lok Sabha that same would, also, given to the officers which gave much solace to the,so called, aggrieved officers who have been hankering for ‘OROP’ for a long time.
Now when the Govt. has made it clear and agreed to grant Modified Parity in Pension to ‘PBOR’ and this, underprivileged, section of ex-services community has, willingly, accepted this, the delay in issuance of notification to this effect, is causing much frustration among them and also creating the feeling that, perhaps, this is being done, knowingly, by some one only to frustrate the ex-servicemen who have no shoulder to lean upon. This agony, among the veterans, will certainly lead to a catastrophic situation if no remedial measure is taken at the earliest.
As such, we, humbly, request you to issue the notification without further delay lest the allocation, made in this regard, in the last budget may lapse leading to much harassment to the recipients.
This also refers to our letter no.ESSAA/1/2010 dt. 19.1.2010.
Thinking you,
Yours Sincerely,

(Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS Retd.)
Copy to. 1.Hon’ble Prime Minister of India…..
2.Hon’ble Defence Minister of India…
3.Hon’ble Finance Minister of India…
…all for information and, deemed, necessary
action, please.
(Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS Retd.)


  1. Excellent LETTER PJS Ji mentioning to the point and detailed information in logical manner.

    Many thanks and kind regards

    Balbir Singh

  2. Dear Veteran Balbir Singh ,
    Regards and thanks. Pass it on to other comrades.Letter for your record is also ready .Intimate the fax no. for further
    Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS Retd.