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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

MoD clears pending pension orders -Tribune News :Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS Retd.

Dear Veterans, Your wait is over.
Finally, MoD has issued the
notification on 8-3-2010. It will
soon reach all of you through net.

Veterans may please note that all this delay was due to
the fact that some of our own (R) own veterans, still having
a sway in MoD.,have been trying to get this delayed so that
JCOs. and below should carry on looking forward to them
for every thing and follow them like MAI BAPP as they did
during active service.
Now those veterans are oppsing the move of Govt. to
abolish the Tradition of Deployment of Sahayak with
officers in Army.
We,all, have to stand,firmly, against them and support
the Govt. in getting this tradition abolished.
Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal
PLS Retd.
Ex Soldiers,Sailors andAirmen
Association( Regd.)

MoD clears pending pension orders:
Ajay BanerjeeTribune News Service

New Delhi, March 10.Just five days after Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh promised in Lok Sabha to address the
issue of pensions for ex-servicemen, the Ministry of
Defence today circulated instructions to implement two
pending matters.
This would increase the pensions of jawans and also
bring the much-awaited parity between persons who
were getting lesser pension than their juniors.
The Ministry has issued orders to bring about parity
between persons who retired before October 10, 1997,
and those who retired after that date. This will be
applicable to all persons below other ranks (PBORS)
of the Army, Air Force and the Navy.
About 12 lakh retired jawans, airmen and sailors, who
form the core of Defence Minister AK Antony’s long-term
welfare measures, will be benefited.
The second part of the latest instructions is to improve
the pensions as per the award of the Group of Ministers
in 2006. This mean the award has been accepted and orders
issued in this regard.
It may be mentioned that these two issues were pending
since last year’s Lok Sabha polls, and even ended up
creating a minor controversy. Media reports were then
published quoting unidentified sources that the same
had been cleared, even as the five-phase polling process
was on.
The Election Commission had sought a clarification and
the Ministry had to clarify that the said media reports
were false.
Sources in the Ministry of Defence today explained that a
Committee under the chairmanship of the Cabinet
Secretary has considered the demands of the ex-servicemen
and made seven recommendations. Five of these had been
cleared and two were pending.
The other five points cleared by the Cabinet Secretary
and implemented by the MoD were:
1.Inclusion of Classification Allowance for PBOR from 1.1.2006;
2.Removal of linkage of full pension with 33 years from 1.1.2006;
3.Revision of Lt Generals’ pension after carving out a separate
pay scale for them;
4.Broad banding percentage of disability/war injury pensions
for pre 1.1.2006 disability/war injury pensioners.
5.Removal of cap on war injury element of pension in the case
of disabled pensioners.
All these moves will collectively cost Rs 2,200 crore to the
exchequer annually.
Implementation of these orders will not only significantly
reduce the gap between the past and the current pensioners
but will also considerably improve the pension of
ex-servicemen, including disabled ex-servicemen. Last week,
the Prime Minister and BJP veteran LK Advani had an
exchange of sharp words over the matter. Advani has
accused the government of going back on its words of
helping the ex-servicemen in and implementing ‘one rank
one pension”.


  1. Dear Katoch,
    Regards. Notification runs into 156 pages.It is not possible to load it easily.