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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Reply to Maj.Gen.Satbir Singh ( Retd.) : Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS Retd.

Dear Veterans,

Find below the news got published by IESM in Today's Tribune and our reply given Maj.Gen Satbir Singh Retd.

Veteran Prabhjot singh Chhatwal PLS Retd.

Ex-servicemen to deposit medals with President .

Rajay Deep.Tribune News Service
Bathinda, March 7The recent statement of the Prime Minister in Parliament that recommendations regarding enhancement in pensions of jawans and JCOs have been implemented has created a flutter among members of the Indian Ex-servicemen (ESM) Movement.
Taking a strong exception to the statement, the vice-chairman of the ESM, Major General Satbir Singh (retd), said the reason as to why the PM made this “wrong” statement was beyond comprehension.
In an exclusive interaction with The Tribune here today, he said the way the PM brushed aside the issue of pensions of defence personnel by stating that the enhancement recommended by the committee had been implemented revealed that either the staff at his office had not correctly briefed him or the government itself was “indifferent” to their genuine entitlements.
“It is emphatically reiterated that the enhancement of pensions of jawans and JCOs as announced by the government in Parliament on July 6, 2009, and again announced by the Prime Minister on August 15, 2009, from the ramparts of the Red Fort for which Rs 2,140 had been earmarked to benefit 12 lakh ex-servicemen jawans and JCOs has not at all been implemented,” claimed Satbir Singh.
Accusing the system of damaging the morale of the ex-servicemen, he said, “It is a sad reflection of the government’s attitude that 22,000 prestigious medals have been returned to the President by ex-servicemen on six different occasions to express their anguish. Still, the government continues to ignore their main demand of one-rank-one pension.”
“Witnessing the callous attitude of the government towards our problem, we are going to intensify the protest. Ex-servicemen from all states will deposit their medals with the President for the seventh time on March 14 along with a memorandum signed in blood to express deep anguish over the apathy of the government,” said Satbir Singh.
“This is not the only pain. The President is not even granting audience to a delegation of the movement, who have been leading the protest to secure justice for defence personnel,” he alleged.

Dear Veteran (General ) Satbir Singh ji,
Regards. We thank you for the efforts you are making to highlight the discrepancies ( relating to JCOs. and below) in implementing the recommendation of CoS report through Hon,ble BJP leader , Sh. L. K. Advani who has been kind enough to make OROP a hot topic in the highest forum of the country,though belated,as he took no notice of the same issue when he was sitting on treasury benches. At the same time, your own body i.e. IESM has also ignored and opposed announcement of Modified Parity in Pension for JCOs. and below. Still it is never too late and we are thankful to you for the same.
Now I would request you to be kind enough to use your good offices to advise your organization not to opposite the recommendation of Parliamentary Standing Committee in respect of deploying Sahayaks in Army which has created much heartburn among the soldiers during the last six decades of Independence.
Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS Retd.
Ex Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen Association (Regd.)
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