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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reader's Mail for Veterans comments :Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS Retd.

Dear Mr. Prabhjot Singh,
Thanks for your interaction. I have read your blogs on blogspot.com. Your efforts are appreciable.Some days ago, I sent a spit to Capt Davar on his views about the rally and issue of OROP. A mail received from him justifying his views supported by the judgements of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India is appended below. Please analyse it and post your comments accordingly.
Jagtar SinghEx-WO(Ludhiana

On Tue, 7/9/10, Praveen Davar wrote:
From: Praveen Davar Subject: OROPTo: Date: Tuesday, 7 September, 2010, 7:47 PMDear AllThe Indian Armed Forces are voluntary service and the terms of service are well known to us when we join the service, Dignity, honor, discipline and izzat associated with the forces has been severely damaged by the way some people are conducting the movement for OROP. Stooping to signing petition with blood is a new low in the abominable acts conducted by one group in public domain. Approx fifty to sixty thousand Ex Servicemen are added to the fraternity of Veterans every year. Imagine the needless negativity they have to encounter as a result of unconventional methods of dissent or communication with the government. May almighty grant the senior officers leading this movement wisdom to conduct the activities in a civilized manner resist the temptation of character assassination and attack on individuals. And for heaven’s sake let us not mislead the PBORs and officers and take them on a flight of fancy.I have always felt that we should be content with what we get and devote the rest of our post-service life for the cause of poor and needy. I have met thousands of Ex-Servicemen who say that they never expected such hefty pensions. We render disservice to the Nation, if we try and create dissatisfaction where it does not exist. My intention was never to hurt any ones sentiments and the statements made by me or anyone else was based on information given from within your ranks.The Supreme Court has also examined the OROP; petition filed by Ex Servicemen League (1991 1 SCR 158), as a sequel to the decision of the court in DS Nakara & Others case of KL Rathee Versus union of India 1997 (3) SLR 207 Versus Union of India, the court in the decision dated 29 Jan 1991 took the view that the claim of pre 1 Apr 1979 retirees being entitled to same pension as post 1 Apr 1979 retirees was untenable. The Supreme Court has taken similar view for civil side as well.The Defence Minister, Sh. A. K. Antony deserves the gratitude of Ex-Servicemen for stating in Parliament that the goal of OROP would be reached gradually. This has encouraged all Ex-Servicemen in the country. We appeal to all Ex-Servicemen organizations, especially retired officers, not to use any offensive or provocative language. The cause of Ex-Servicemen will suffer if IESM does not mend its ways and the harsh language it uses. Soldiers shed blood only on the battlefield. As Ex-Servicemen they can donate blood to the Red Cross Society/Hospitals for the needy. Signing letters in blood is unlike a soldier.Returning medals is not only unsoldierlike, but also unethical and immoral, especially in view of the fact that no govt in the past has done so much for the welfare of serving soldiers and Ex-Servicemen as the UPA-1 and UPA-2. Pay and pensions have gone up nearly 300% in the last 5 years which is unprecedented.Further, while presenting the Budget for 2008-09 the government substantially improved the pension of pre-January, 2006 Defence pensioners below officer rank and brought pre-October 10, 1997 pensioners on par with post- October 10, 1997 pensioners i.e. pre 2006 pensioners. Anomalies in some ranks of officers from Majors to Major General are being addressed. Congress has done for welfare of both serving soldiers and Ex-servicemen what no party has ever done, or will ever have the capacity to do. So let people not be misled by the false promises made by other parties in their manifestos or otherwise.We must also heed the appeal of Defence Minister not to return medals. Doing so, in my opinion, is an undignified, illegal and unconstitutional act. Let us control our emotions and give the govt time to resolve the OROP issue.Jai Hind & God bless us all!Praveen Davar

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