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Friday, September 3, 2010

Welfare of Widows : Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS Retd.

Dear Veterans. Regards.
A survey conducterd by Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen Association (Regd.) and Indian Ex-Services League, Punjab & Chandigarh has revealed shocking results.War widow of Flt. Lt. Gurbax Singh Ahuja of 1965 fame has been receiving the pension of mere Rs. 3500/- PM only without an element of dearness allowance instead of Liberalized Pension of about Rs. 20,000/- PM till May last in spite of the fact that she has been knocking at the door of Pension Sanctioning Authority i.e. Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pension), Allahabad through all concerned since 1987.Now with the intervention of IESL, Punjab & Chandigarh, her pension (Ordinary) has been increased to Rs. 8310/= (basic) + Dearness Allowance @ 35% w.e.f. 01-01-2006 by the concerned pension disbursing authority pending the case of granting Liberalized Pension by Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pension), Allahabad. The widow has received an amount of Rs. 4 lakhs as arrear with this revision.A letter dated 19-08-2010 by Air Headquarter, New Delhi addressed to Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pension), Allahabad has duly supported the entitlement of Liberalized Pension to the said war widow. As such, the pension of widow is expected to be revised by PCDA (P), Allahabad and she is likely to be granted Liberalized Pension of about Rs. 20,000/-PM with an arrear of Rs. 28-30 lakh after more than four decades with the recent efforts being made by this organization. This is not a solitary case of wrong disbursal of Defence Pension. A widow of Sub. Gurdial Singh of a village near Amloh (now district Fatehgarh Sahib) has been receiving the pension of Sepoy's widow till August, 2009 i.e. two months before her death. Similarly, Sub. Sher Singh of Patiala State Forces has been receiving Sepoy's pension till a few months before his death in 2008. IESL Punjab & Chandigarh has been instrumental in getting their pension revised to correct amount.The association has instructed its State & District Presidents to check the pensions of old widows, especially war widows to ascertain that they are receiving the correct amount of pension which is as follows.
Pre-2006 Ordinary Family Pension
Rank Basic D.A. Total
Upto the rank of Havaildar Rs. 3500/- 35 % Rs. 4725/-
Naib Sub. (Group-X) Rs. 5070/- 35% Rs. 6845/-
(Group-Y) Rs. 4650/- 35% Rs. 6278/-
Sub. (Group-X) Rs. 5190/- 35% Rs. 7007/-
(Group-Y) Rs. 4770/- 35% Rs. 6440/-
Sub.Major (Group-X) Rs.5250/- 35% Rs. 7088/- (Group-Y) Rs. 4830/- 35% Rs. 6526/-
Hony. Lt./ Regular Lt. Rs. 8100/- 35% Rs. 10935/-
Hony Capt./Regular Capt. Rs. 8310/- 35% Rs. 11219/-
Liberalized Pension (100% of notional pay of the Rank (Minimum) Rs.7000/- 35 % Rs.9450/-
Veteran Pabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS Retd.
President ,
Ex-Soldiers,salors and Airmen Association (Regd.)Mob.098554-09128 Tele-Fax 0175-5000896


  1. Sir, since the ordinary family pension is 30% of the basic pay,kindly re-confirm whether the pension amounts given by you are correct, or not.

  2. Dear Veteran Permeswaran,Regards. The pension amounts given by me are correct.Please refer annexures II and III of MoD letter No.17(4)008(1)D/Pen/Pol) dated 11.11.2008. Thanks for querry.

  3. Sir, here in Kerala,many ex-servicemen drawing pension from Canara Bank(expecially from Thrisssur Dist) have not yet been paid the improved pension as per PCDA Allahabad circular No 430 dt 10 Mar 2010.

  4. Dear Veteran Parmeswaran,Regards.I am astonished to know this.The revised pension was to be paid by 30 June.Govt has given clear instructions regarding ths. What are the existing organisations like IESL, IESM coordinators in your state doing. Are they just holdind the flags of OROP and doing nothing else? In all the states where State units oe ESSAA ie Ex-Soldiers, sailors and Airmen Association are existing, almost every one has got the revised pension as per this circular 430 dt 19 March,2010.

  5. Sir, Eventhough I am not affected, I have asked the affected veterans to send a petition to the concerned branches of the bank endorsing copies to the banks' HO/ circle/regional offices and DSSA board.

  6. Dear Veteran Parmeshwaran,Regards.
    Mere representations from the individual pensioners will not serve the purpose. Some organisation from your state has to act tough with the banks.I suggest you to make some efforts to raise the unit of ESSAA in your state. Tamil Nadu has raised a strong unit of ESSAA in Dharmapuri. Andhra Pradesh is on the way to do so.You may, please, contact Veteran Krishnamoorthi, Gen Secy. of Tamil Nadu unit.He will tell you every thing. His contact No, is 09442946688

  7. were can we get an accomodation in tamilnadu?

  8. my father is an ex serviceman he is coming to TAMILNADU TO WRITE THE UPSC EXAM. so were are the possible places to get accomodation in sainik centres?

  9. you can contact our Vet K Krishna Moorthy, Gen. Secy. of our Tamil Nadu Unit, Cell No. 094429-46688 for your querry.

  10. EX POR (TEL) CHANDER SHEKHAR. Sir, despite numbers of reminders to BUREAU OF SAILORS CHEETA CAMP MANKHURD MUMBAI,publication of DO Part II Order regarding the date of birth of my son Ashesh Upadhyay has not been published by the above named office.All concerned docu have already been submitted on 06.08.2010. Kindly help the ex POR. Thanks in anticipation.